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Real Estate Attorney in Cedar Rapids, Iowa

If you are considering selling your home, refinancing it, or leasing it, you may need the legal assistance of a real estate lawyer. If you are about to remodel your home and/or are about to enter into a construction agreement with a contractor, you may need the legal help of a real estate attorney. If you are a prospective buyer of a property, or if you are in a dispute over property, with a tenant, or with your neighbors, you may need the legal services of a real estate lawyer.

When it comes to transactions, disputes, or legal issues involving real estate, it is best to speak with a qualified real estate attorney who has dedicated her practice to this field. We urge you to contact us about your particular real estate matter. We offer effective, solution-oriented counsel and representation to prospective clients in the Eastern Iowa area, including Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, and surrounding cities. We know how to protect you and your property when entering into a contract to sell, lease, or have work done on your home or rental property. We also know how to protect buyers in any real estate transaction.

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Real Estate Law

As your law firm, our job is to facilitate all types of real estate transactions. We provide the legal backing for your real estate decisions, contracts, title changes, and any court matters. We represent homeowners, home sellers, home buyers, landlords, and landowners in a variety of transactions and disputes pertaining to residential and rental property, including purchases, foreclosures, neighbor disputes, probate, mediation, land use, zoning compliance, evictions, and much more.

No matter what your issue may be regarding your property or your prospective property, we have extensive knowledge of Iowa real estate law and we can provide the guidance you need.