Mediation Services

One of the options for resolving a dispute between opposing parties is through the process of mediation. In mediation, an impartial mediator is brought in to help negotiate a settlement or resolution of the dispute between the parties. Mediation is a non-adversarial approach to resolving disputes of any kind, such as those involved in divorces, property disputes, probate, disputes between neighbors, business disputes, and more.

Our firm participates in mediation practice. If you are involved in any type of dispute and you would like to resolve your disagreements through the mediation process, please contact a Iowa mediation lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. Our mediation service is effective, thorough, and customized to your particular situation. We serve clients in the Eastern Iowa area, including Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, and surrounding cities.


Mediation is an attractive option to those involved in a dispute because, unlike litigation, the parties involved retain control over the negotiations and the outcome. Their input and interests become part of the process. In addition to this, mediation is generally faster than court-litigated disputes and thus less expensive.

In mediation, the mediator acts a neutral party who does not make judgments about the fairness of the settlement that is reached. The mediator merely facilitates the process by encouraging communication between the parties and a search for a joint solution that will meet their needs and satisfy their objectives. Issues are different in every mediation situation but the process is generally the same. Each party presents his or her view of the situation and issues and needs are identified that must be solved. Following this, common ground is sought along with problem-solving options towards a resolution.

Mediation Services in Cedar Rapids, IA

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