Criminal Defense

Moriarty Law Firm in Cedar Rapids, IAJames P. Moriarty, P.C. handles all levels of criminal defense work. No matter what you’ve been charged with, our attorneys will strive to provide the highest level of service and quality that we possibly can. We employ an aggressive approach towards the defense of our client, no matter what their particular circumstances.

Contact James P. Moriarty, P.C. today if you’ve been charged with a felony or serious misdemeanor and need legal representation for cases such as:

  • drug crimes
    manufacture of crystal
    meth, cocaine, heroin,
    ecstasy, prescription
    drugs, and more)
  • domestic violence
  • murder
  • assault
  • robbery
  • burglary


  • theft
  • embezzlement
  • extortion
  • fraud
  • forgery
  • identity theft
  • sex offenses
  • drunk driving (OWI /
    DUI / DWI)
  • and more

At James P. Moriarty, P.C., we aggressively defend our clients’ rights. We investigate the case thoroughly to learn the exact circumstances and their legal ramifications, then determine and evaluate all of our clients’ options. We do not move immediately towards a plea bargain unless we’ve determined that it’s in the client’s best interests to do so.

In addition, we stay in close contact with our clients, returning phone calls and keeping clients and family members informed about the developments of their case. We strive to make each client feel as though they are the only client we have, and we employ an efficient staff of assistants to ensure that all the work necessary for their case is completed in a timely manner.

Please contact us at [email protected] or (319) 366-2307 for more information about how we can help you.

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